Web development is a fascinating world of complex systems and interesting architectures. The Angular inDepth community continues to provide useful insight into the many uses of the framework. My initial goal was to create a space for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience with developers across the globe. Today I can say with confidence that the community is thriving. Many writers offer invaluable advice and presenting innovative solutions every day. I am happy with the resonance that the inDepth community has achieved. I’m also hoping we can continue this tradition for many years to come. The credit for our success goes entirely to the writers who shared their insights here all this time. Leading companies Hire Angular Developers for their expertise. When I began writing this blog, I put all my effort into making it useful and interesting, into making it seen. I am thankful to the community of angular developers. They keep giving me the motivation and the energy to keep up the work. Without their immense support and valuable contributions, this project would not have been as successful as it is. As a community, we can go on for many years to come. We can help each other learn and improve. We can solve problems together. Ultimately, we can create a powerful network of web engineers across the globe.

InDepth Conference in 2019

After the wide success of our inDepth blog, I was enthusiastic to bring our cause to a new level. In 2019, I have organized the first Angular in Depth conference. We held the event in Kyiv, Ukraine. Here are the most important results of the event and the benefits of our angular developers: 

1. Our writers had the chance to become speakers at the first technical conference on Angular concepts. 

2. Leading specialists shared and discussed advanced technical knowledge with existing and aspiring developers. 

3. All seven of our speakers offered complex and intriguing topics for discussion. 

4. A lot of engineers find angularJS development complicated. Our readers had the chance to ask all the questions about the work of Angular. 

What Does the Future Hold for Angular Community?

Holding a conference was a great idea and it paid off completely. It was a perfect opportunity to bring members of our community closer. The event allowed them to motivate and inspire each other for future projects. At the same time, I realize what great effort it takes. Organizing the 2019 conference was not an easy fit. Still, I would go for it again and again. I’ve experienced the fulfilling feeling of being part of a united community with shared interests and aspirations. It made me happy to see so many people in my line of work, motivated and engaged in the same topics that give me life. I hope that such an environment can produce more genuine excitement in professionals from our field. 

You may be asking me whether another conference on angular js development company is coming soon. After the pandemic started, we have not had the chance to hold another conference in 2020. Now, there is still no way of knowing what the future will bring. We may have to hold the next conference online due to safety concerns. Still, the essence will not change. We can still have a great time discussing the new developments in our work in an online format.

We all wait for a chance to go back to real-time interactions. I will be happy to welcome friends and colleagues in Ukraine one more time. Ukraine is famous for its low cost of living, beautiful sceneries, lively cities, and excellent food. It is the perfect destination for a weekend trip, so your stay will definitely be pleasant. The only thing we can hope for is the improvement of the Covid-19 situation in the coming months. 

Our Shared Victory

Holding the conference in Ukraine was a great personal achievement for me. I feel proud for the talent of Ukrainian angular developers. I was happy to contribute to the growth and exposure of our capable teams of web engineers on an international scale. For me it was a chance to introduce our specialists to colleagues from across the world. I hope that the event gave them the opportunity to exchange knowledge and build connections. In the future, we can all learn new skills and get inspired for innovative and ambitious projects again and again. 

It is my hope and goal to continue working on the development of our Angular in Depth community. Whether we get to meet our foreign colleagues for a conference this year or keep communication online, we are moving forward. I encourage web developers around the world to stay in tune with the Angular community. Let us grab every opportunity to share knowledge and take part in common projects. 

The first and only conference in Kyiv dedicated to the best practices and trends of Angular


Manfred Steyer

Michael Hladky

Nikita Poltoratsky