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June 15th, Mercure Conference Hall, Kyiv, Ukraine

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This conference is intended for Angular specialists. However, Intermediate/Senior Full stack and JS developers who want to expand their knowledge of Angular technology and are ready to discuss the most interesting cases with their colleagues will also be interested.

You will enjoy presentations by our high-level speakers, as well as having the opportunity to ask the most difficult questions, share your knowledge and opinions, meet colleagues who are just as passionate about Angular as you are − and join the Angular community!

Get inspiring ideas for your future projects. You could be sharing a platform with the best innovators of the Angular community and other amazing people. Join Angular in Depth. Be on the wave of a breakthrough.


Alex Okrushko Software Engineer at Google, Firebase
Manfred Steyer System architect, GDE
Wassim Chegham Senior Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Michael Hladky Consultant, GDE
Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen Head of R&D, KeepFocus
Nikita Poltoratsky Software Engineer, Akveo
Maksym Koretskyi Developer Advocate, ag-Grid



Saturday 1 Track 2 Track
9:00 AM Open doors/Registration
10:00 AM
Max Koretskyi "Opening keynote"
We use Angular everyday as a tool to make our development process more productive. But can you imagine Angular as a technology that shapes your career and inspires you to build a community? That’s what happened to me. Max Wizard as Developer Advocate exists today because of Angular. Angular In Depth, an everyday destination for more than half a million developers exists today because of Angular. But to be honest it’s not just the framework. It’s a lot of other things. Join me as I’ll walk you through my 5 years in software development field and show you where hard work and determination can get you. I’ll tell you about obstacles I’ve gone through, emotions I had to face, people who helped me and lessons I’ve learned as I was building myself and Angular In Depth community.
10:30 AM
Alex Okrushko "NgRx: What to Store and where to put it?"
NgRx is the top state management solution for the Angular applications. As its popularity grows so does the number of questions on how to structure the state and what belongs to that state to begin with? In this talk we’ll took into loading/error/complete states, form states, other stateful pieces of the app and examine where is the best place for each one of them.
11:00 AM
Manfred Steyer "A Deep Look at Angular Elements"
"In a snap Angular Elements exposes Angular components as framework-independent web components. But it is only later that the interesting questions arise: What options are there for bundling Angular Elements and how does one deal with dependencies? Which polyfills do we need and when, and how can we lazy load Angular Elements on demand? How can Ivy help us and where are its limitations? What should be considered when using zone.js for change tracking and how to use content projection? This session answers these questions in order to help you benefit from Angular Elements in your projects."
11:30 AM Coffee break
12:00 AM
Wassim Chegham "Bazel for Angular developers"
Bazel is an open source multi-technology and distributed build tool by Google. It has built-in support for both client and server software, including client applications for mobile and Web platforms. It also provides an extensible framework that you can use to develop your own build plugins. In this talk, we will dive deep into the core concepts of Bazel. We will also present the Bazel integration with the Angular CLI and show how you can take advantage of Bazel in order to have fast and correct Angular builds.
12:30 AM
Michael Hladky "A deep dive into RxJS subjects "
Pretty much everyone have already used RxJS subject at some point. But can you say with confidence that you have a solid understanding of different types of subjects and its intricacies? Probably not. By diving deep into the source code of rxjs with me you will gain advanced knowledge about the different types of subjects, how to implement those on your own and all the nitty gritty details. This talk will demonstrate advanced usages of subjects, like solving multicasting problems, implementing caching, maintaining your subscribers list and even implementing your own messaging bus. This is the knowledge every Angular developer will benefit from.
1:00 PM Coffee break
1:30 PM
Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen "Angular Revisited: Tree-shakable Components and Optional NgModules"
NgModule is arguably one of the most confusing Angular concepts. Using tree-shakable components and dependencies, we will need Angular modules less often or not at all. Tree-shakable components are not available yet, but we can use Single Component Angular Modules to ease the migration path.
2:00 PM
Nikita Poltoratsky "Rendering Angular applications in Terminal"
"I very much believe that being aware of how the technologies we use in day to day life are built is vital knowledge for every developer. One of the dark horses for me in Angular was that magical platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule) in the root of my Angular application’s sources. So I decided to understand its mission. And this is a short story of how this talk appeared. During the session, we are going to dive into the Angular platforms’ implementation and how their existence makes our lives better. Most importantly, we are going to invent our own shiny platform, that with the help of some magic tricks will allow us rendering Angular apps into Terminal, using ASCII graphics."
2:30 PM Lunch
3:30 PM
Workshop: Michael Hladky "RxJS Advanced Patterns – Operate Heavily Dynamic UI’s"
The web changed a lot in the past years, more and more applications provide UI’s that are heavily interactive and often also include some background tasks. RxJS serves a very elegant way to compose events and async actions, make your code more robust and extensible. In this workshop, you will learn some advanced techniques and patterns with RxJS! Expect topics like complex subscription handling, performance optimization, managing background processes, event-sourcing, and QCRS.
Workshop: Manfred Steyer "A Deep Look at Angular Elements"
New web technologies and frameworks are being released all the time. This is exciting – and overwhelming. Framework-independent web components provide a remedy for this dilemma! This interactive workshop shows you in depth how you can create, build and deploy web components with Angular Elements. After a short look at the basics, we investigate Shadow DOM, lazy loading, (not) using zone.js and consequences for change detection, content projection with slots and component communication, needed polyfills as well as strategies for effective bundling and sharing dependencies. You also see how Angular Elements can be used togehter with Ivy to reduce bundle size. As we use Stackblitz and a prepared GitHub repo with several branches, we can frequently switch between short presentations, live coding and exercises. This makes sure you can learn as much as possible in the time available. Come with your laptop to this workshop and see how exciting the combination of Angular and web components is!
4:30 PM
Workshop: Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen "Dynamic rendering in Ivy without NgModules"
During the workshop I'll show you how to use experimental Ivy APIs to build a small application with dynamically rendered components. The interesting part is that the application will use absolutely no `NgModule`s and will run change detection without zone.js
Workshop: Alex Okrushko "How to improve your user's experience with NgRx"
Web performance matters. While there are many ways to improve it, at this workshop we'll look into a few ways how to decrease the loading time. After that we'll go over optimistic UI technique to improve the perceived loading time. These new skills will help you fine tune your application and bring new delightful experiences to your users.
5:30 PM Speaker's panel
6:00 PM Closing




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