5 Reasons Why You Should Use Angular JS

If you are a frontend developer or an app service owner, you are probably familiar with Angular. This service is one of the undisputable leaders in software development technology. It is true that its complexities often overshadow its advantages. However, the framework is surprisingly well suited for both advanced projects and beginner level web development. In this article, we will offer top 5 reasons to use angularjs web development services.

What is Angular and Angular JS

Both of these are frameworks for frontend web development. Yet, there are both common and different features:


  1. Google maintains both frameworks.
  2. Both allow developers to optimize one-page applications. 


  1. Angular uses TypeScript as the target code language, Angular JS uses JavaScript.
  2. One is mainly based on components, while the other – on directives. 
  3. AngularJS is simpler and more intuitive in use, while Angular has greater functionality.

Considering the differences, each platform has its uses and purposes. Still, they are both undeniably effective as tools to create, manage, optimize, and improve web applications. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to use these two wonderful products by angular company. 

Reason 1

Angular website development is more popular than one may think. Apart from Google, the platform’s most formidable supporter, many leading companies such as Youtube and Gmail use the frameworks to create their products. 

Reason 2

Writing the code for a web application can get chaotic and disorganized. With Angular and AngularJS, you can manage, synchronize and bind your data effortlessly. What could take hours to do manually is an automatic function of both of these frameworks. 

Reason 3

Using angularjs web development services is a long-term solution. You may think it is not the easiest framework to learn. However, it allows you to organize your code into a system. Later on, it’s much easier to reuse and optimize the components.

Reason 4

With Angular, you do not need to waste time on smaller issues. Instead, it gives you the chance to focus more on strategy. Much of the framework’s operation is automatic. This means that you do not need to write each block individually. You can simply provide directives or organize components.

Reason 5

Development platforms do not always have a clear separation of Model and View. The frameworks in question do. The code written with Angular services is much more readable and maintainable. It is more concise and more clearly categorized.


Using code languages always requires a functioning system to organize and document the process. Above are just the few main reasons why we recommend Angular and AngularJS for single page application development. The frameworks are intuitive in use once you get the hang of them. Moreover, they will provide major improvements into the development process. At the end of the day, you need a complex framework to optimize your work and make it more effective.